A proven anti spam solution based on a novel and harsh approach to spam.

Now, with a 13 year track record this technology for anti-spam is a solution that works. However. it is typically used for extreme security enviornments because it blocks all email unless previously whitelisted. A guilty until proven innocent approach.

How it works

Mail is allowed through the system if previously whitelisted - by sending them an email with one exception for new senders. A new email sender to the system is considered spam and blocked. A challenge email is sent to the sender and if the email is opened by a non computerized system it confirms the sender. As a backup measure the sender may reply to the challenge. This option will be clear to the sender through an image in the email itself. In most cases they do not have to do anything but read the response.

If you are interested in implementing this kind of rigid enforcement of anti-spam technology we offer customized solutions at the sever level.